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Business disputes happen... 

Let's find a way to resolve them.

Or avoid them altogether.

There is more than litigation in the toolbox. 

Hiring a lawyer to help resolve a dispute is often the last thing a company or individual wants to do. Yet, knowing your rights and options is powerful information to have in deciding how to move forward. 


I can help you evaluate your present circumstances, understand your options, and develop a strategy for how to resolve your dispute.


Many controversies are worked out by negotiating with the other side. Having an attorney involved is an added expense but can often reach better results more quickly. 


Mediation and arbitration are other options that may lead to the resolution of your dispute without ending up in a lawsuit in court. 


If you are in a lawsuit, I am an experienced trial attorney who will zealously fight for you and your rights. Read more about my litigation experience.


Know your litigation risk before a dispute happens. 

Often, seemingly routine business practices can lead to a serious dispute with a competitor, client, vendor, or colleague.  I have experience consulting with individuals and businesses on how to proactively avoid litigation.


You can call me before you ever end up in a lawsuit to discuss best practices and risk mitigation.


I can provide litigation-risk assessments of:

  • Commercial contracts;

  • Employment practices and policies;

  • Executive employment agreements;

  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreements;

  • Leases;

  • Loan Agreements;

  • LLC Operating Agreements; and

  • M&A and asset purchase agreements. 


I also consult with board members and executives on the scope of their fiduciary duties and how to navigate potential issues they may face in serving on a board or in a leadership position.