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In addition to her business litigation practice, Rachel Mentz consults with other attorneys, law firms, and companies to provide training and develop sophisticated, results-oriented, and cost-effective eDiscovery solutions and strategies.  

Rachel has extensive experience managing eDiscovery issues for both large and small disputes.  She also provides training on a variety of eDiscovery topics.

Rachel can work with your existing eDiscovery software and processes. Where appropriate, she can also help you develop new approaches or find a new eDiscovery platform that better serves your needs. 


Rachel is well-versed in many different eDiscovery options and is not invested in any particular software or solution. 

Organizing Data


If you need to brush up on or develop a deeper understanding of eDiscovery, Rachel conducts training sessions with attorneys and staff.  She will meet you at your level and teach you the key information you need to make informed decisions.

Stack of Files - eDiscovery


eDiscovery Problem-Solving


Bring your eDiscovery question or dilemma to me. I can help your firm evaluate and find solutions to your eDiscovery issues. Examples include:

  • Assessing your current eDiscovery approach to identify best practices and weed out inefficiencies;

  • Negotiating an effective eDiscovery protocol, protective order, or discovery plan; 

  • Determining the best document-review platform to use; 

  • Figuring out how to handle a complicated document claw-back;

  • Finding solutions for analyzing and reviewing large sets of data from clients or opposing counsel;

  • Using technology-assisted review (TAR) to find the key information you need for your case;

  • Designing and implementing a complex document review; 

  • Bringing or defending a Rule 37 Motion seeking sanctions for discovery violations 

Discovery Co-Counsel 

I can serve as discovery co-counsel for existing cases to cost-effectively manage eDiscovery, saving clients significant amounts of money. I am a collaborative, team-player who has effectively worked on numerous litigation teams. 

By hiring an eDiscovery consultant, you can save time and focus on the merits of the case.

Consulting with In-House Legal Teams

For companies facing high-volume or complex eDiscovery issues in prospective or existing litigation, I can work with in-house teams to control eDiscovery expenses and implement appropriate eDiscovery strategies and tools.

I can work with you to develop data retention policies and litigation hold procedures that best serve your company's individual needs. 

eDiscovery Training

I also offer eDiscovery training for litigators, law firms, in-house attorneys, and staff looking to develop a deeper understanding of eDiscovery techniques and strategies.  As a former teacher, I meet you at your level. No question is too basic.


You will learn the key information you need to make informed decisions about eDiscovery in a non-judgmental and approachable environment. 

eDiscovery Services
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