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Mentz Law


Know your litigation risk before a dispute happens. 

Often, seemingly routine business practices can lead to a serious dispute with a competitor, client, vendor, or colleague.  I work with individuals and businesses on how to proactively avoid litigation.


You can call me before you ever end up in a lawsuit to discuss best practices and risk mitigation.


I can provide litigation-risk assessments of:

  • Commercial contracts;

  • Employment practices and policies

  • Proposed Actions by Board of Directors

  • Executive employment agreements;

  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreements;

  • Leases;

  • Loan Agreements;

  • LLC Operating Agreements; and

  • M&A and asset purchase agreements. 


I also consult with board members and executives on the scope of their fiduciary duties and how to navigate potential issues they may face in serving on a board or in a leadership position. 

Litigation Risk Assessment
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